Wednesday, 9 June 2010

VCB 01 - 29 days and counting

Some of friends are vlogging every day until we all meet up at the Youtube conference VidCon. As such as I have decided to join in by blogging every day until July 9th 2010. Ideas for what to blog about will always be welcome. Please comment so I know you've read it and enjoy!

My first blog feeds of this video by Kayla - - where she answers some questions posed to her. I am going to answer the same questions:

1. If you could go back in time and speak to your 15 year old self, what one thing would you say to yourself.

This is a tricky one... mainly for the reason that I have an insanely bad memory and can't remember last week, let alone last decade. But knowing how I was at around that age I would tell myself that there are people out there like my sister, like me, like my nerdier friends. There is a whole community of people who appreciate being yourself and who love learning and fan-girling and nerding out.

I guess I would say 'it is cool to be uncool'. But then I may have just looked at me weird... this is of course assuming that the universe doesn't implode which is - as the expert Doc Brown explains - a possibility of coming into contact with yourself from a different. time. Maybe I would just faint. Hopefully I wouldn't randomly become a different person in the second film... but that is a rant for another time (blog).

2. If you had a boat what would you name it?

Easy. I would call it Graham. This is the name of my cat who passed on a few years ago. It is the world's coolest name... btu not for humans. Only for animals or inanimate objects. I would also have a tagline on the boat's arse saying "This boat is real". If you don't understand this then you must Youtube The Lonely Island immediate-a-mo.

3. What was your best birthday ever?

The first birthday that jumps to mind would be my 18th. This is the biggie here in England - the one where drinking becomes legal and you start on the slippery slope to realising binge drinking is NOT sexy or clever. The reason I say 18th was because my parents bought me the most amazing gift ever, although sadly one I can't keep forever. They had the night skky - from the day I was born - painted onto the ceiling of my room. It took one man an entire afternoon, or maybe longer. It is amazing. I also found out it was a full moon and a comet was in the sky when I was born!

My friends Karen, Michelle and my sister Katherine also took me to Disneyland Paris. It may fit into the car park for Disneyworld Florida but come on! It is freakin' Disneyland! But then again for my 21st I had a rock and roll themed party. My sister even bought me an a-lined fancy dress outfit. This was pretty amazing... seriously. Plus my friend MIchelle fell down our stairs drunk and broke out bookcase with her head. Aaahh the lolz.

4. In a film of your life what actor or actress would play you?

I discussed this on my radio show last week actually. I would have Thora Birch play me. She can be sweet and cute btu also had that darker moody side which would definately appear in a film about me. I can go one better than just Thora Birch though - I will tell you who should play James, my boyfriend...

IN my mind there is just one person, and I am bummed that Americans won't know who he is.... JAMES CORDEN. First he has the same name which will, y'know, make it easier when portraying the role... or something. Secondly I think he looks likes James. And thirdly I love him to bits!

I copy and pasted a video of him accepting his BAFTA (the British Emmys) below so you can judge whether he would make a good James but I recommend that you do a bit of reasearch. He is fantastic. And he lives with Dominic Cooper (aka the hot boyfriend from Mamma Mia... you know.... the character that sings half a song not very well).

5. Is there something you do that not many others know about, that would help them if they knew to do it?

Confusing question alert. I am not really sure I understand this question but I think it is something that other people would benefit from that I do... so I am sharing my worldly knowledge? Hmm... I hate honey. Except when I am feeling down. Then I drink warm milk with a teaspoon of melted honey in. There you go - now if I'm sad you all know what to do. And if you are sad you have something new to try to cheer you up!

That is my first blog. Only 28 to go! I look forward to this project - stick around.



MaryKateS said...

these questions are really good. you can learn a lot about a person through them. This will be hopefully a successful project for the both of us :)


A.J. James Brooks said...

This was a great opening blog I am excited to read this every day!!!
you are truly the most amazing woman I have ever known...

Fun fact James Cordon will be on Doctor Who next week!

Martha said...

i'm commenting like i commented (on your video) that i would. i was here. :)

Helen E. Abbott said...

@MaryKateS Thank you! Yes I am excited. We'll give each other encouragment to keep it up!

@JooJoo James Corden is the secks

@Martha Aw thank you MArtha :)