Thursday, 17 June 2010

VCB 09: Confessions of a ShopaHateIt

It is my friend Heather's birthday. Go read her blog and wish her a happy birthday.

For my birthday way back in May my parents said they would buy me summer clothes. And today my mum and I had a shopping trip to buy those clothes. It was really fun, but usually I hate shopping - this blog will explain why.

Now let me begin by clarifying something: I am like any other girl. Whether we admit it or not we all get a kick out of buying a new top, or a new skirt, or even a new set of pyjamas. New clothes can make a person feel confident, stylish and, lets face it, sexy. (Today I got some lacy leggings and my first ever rara skirt and I am fully prepared to feel fantastic in them the first time I wear them in public). However the actual act of shopping I am not so hot on.

My main reason is what I like to call 'the boob debacle'. Basically if you are not an exact C cup, high street tops are not really made for you - probably because they are trying to do an 'average' woman. Now if you are not aware I have qute large breasts. I cannot count the number of times I see a pattern, colour or style I like only to pick it up and see how my boobs would be about 25% covered, 75% exposed. And while indecent exposure is sometimes an exciting prospect - it isn't really for me.

I should say that my flat chested friends have the opposite problem i.e. extra material where it shouldn't be, which is equally annoying. Well I guess slightly less annoying. At least flat chester people can pad at little cost. Big boobed women simply have to buy a fitted top which I can tell you can cost a lot of money.

This is my main pet peeve. My other big shopping 'argh' is sales. I love a bargain like anyone else but the layout of a sale hurts my brain. Perhaps sales bring out the obsessive, anal side of my nature, but I just can't stand to look at a size 18 next to a size 6; a skirt next to pajamas; the fault goods mixed in with the clearance. And to make it worse sales-lovers are maniacs and for some unknown reason feel the need to leave at least two of the items they browse draped across the rail without a hanger, or worse on the floor.

Of course worse than sales are budget shops which is basically what I described above... but in the entire shop! Apparently the shoppers think that if they don't trample on the products and shove the other customers out of the way then it is not a successful shopping trip.

Shopping reminds me how I am not a confident person, although my fashion choices have got more bold in the last few years. I have been scared to try new styles. I find intimidated when I go into a shop with so many beautiful styles that I feel I could never wear. Deep down I know I could where them, if only I had that 'Carrie' confidence (Carrie from Sex and the City... not pigs blood Carrie).

Side note - I just did a review of Sex and the City 2 on my other blog. Click here to view it.

I did learn something today though - when someone else is paying for your clothes you are much more willing to try something new. Next time I go shopping I am going to force myself to try on things I otherwise would have dismissed, and perhaps I can understand the 'fun' of shopping and finally be a true girly-girl.

My answer: I would love to buy a maxi dress but I am not convinced I could pull it off.


PinkPixieDF (Heather) said...

I don't know if you've heard of it, but in America we have a tv show called "What Not To Wear", people on the show are nominated by their friends and families to be taken on a $5000 shopping spree in New York and they are taught how to shop for their body type and to dress themselves. Ever since I started watching that show years ago, I decided that when I went to a shop I would pick up anything that I thought was cute, and at least try it on. I've found so many amazing outfits that way that I would never have thought would look good on me, but trying them on proved otherwise. So yes, definately be a bit more daring the next time you go shopping! I also found a nice clothing store near my house that is outside of the mall (I hate shopping malls) so this store is pretty quiet and well kept. Try to find at least one store that doesn't drive your brain mad and that will help you to love the shopping experience too. :-)

A.J. James said...

A... I do not know what a Maxi dress is.. I am confused.

B. uh I can't think of any male things that I would never buy. I can't see buying myself womens undergarments.

Kim said...

I wanted to say maxim dress.but then gok said any shape can pull it off but I'm too scared.I tried one and looked like

Helen E. Abbott said...

@Heather Yes! I know it. Like a lot of American shows it was taken from the UK show of the same name. I love programmes like that. It hasn't been on in years though. We have <GokWan3 now.

@JooJoo A maxi dress is one that is very floaty material, fitted at the top that flows to the floor. Originally popular early 70s.

@Kim I love Gok Wan. I bet he could make a maxi dress look awesome on anyone. He is a genius.

Julie H said...

I love dungarees but I can just never see them working or looking right!

I agree with maxi dresses. I always think that I'm not tall enough to carry it off.

Helen E. Abbott said...

@Julie - I used to love dungarees when I was little. Yeah not sure I could pull them off now.