Sunday, 30 January 2011

52:4 Oh to be an elephant

Lots of people say it, but my memory really does suck. I have had times in my life where I have ended up in tears because I have forgotten something and just can't fathom why. You better believe that I would buy the DS Brain Training game if I actually had a DS to play it with.

It is funny though. People always come up with ways to help you. My favourite one is to write things down. Now this is a great idea. A fantastic idea. The best idea in the world! Oh, if only I remembered to check my to do list... hmmm.

Alas, I think my brian is just lazy!

My best way to deal with it is to convince myself I have got to do something until it becomes part of my life. For example I never forget to do my Sunday Vlogtag video because it is just part of my life as much as I remember to eat lunch or check my emails. This blog also - the same!

I guess this may appear on the outside that I am highly strung and neurotic... but really I force myself to worry about many things for fear of completely forgetting them!

Anyway I haven't been that inspired to write this week so that is all you are getting. Here is a poem to end on. I wrote it in about three minutes so please don't judge too harshly.

So Mister Elephant never forgets
not anyone's birthday.
He remembers to always feed his pets
and knows his lines to say.
They say he has a wonderous mind
of majestic memory.
His brain will never just go blind,
he recalls perfectly.
Mister Elephant knows to pay his rent
and knows the time for tea.
Oh to be an elephant
of infinite memory.

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