Thursday, 31 March 2011

52:12 Yawn

For all of you who can count... and I *hope* that is most of you... then you will probably know that this is not, in fact, week 12 of the year. It is week 13. And for those of you who are really intelligent you may realise that this means I am a week late in posting this blog. Although it also means that you get two blogs in one week you lucky things. Every cloud has a silver lining eh!?

I don't really have much more of an excuse for posting this late than the fact that I was really tired last week. Now I know what you are thinking: "Yes Helen. Everyone gets tired. Deal with it. Yadayadayada." But I mean I was *tired*. So tired I need to put little asterisks by it. Incidentally asterisks are not to be confused with asterixis, which is an involuntary jerking movement often caused by inner organ trauma. I would hope my tiredness never comes with asterixis.

Where was I?

Oh yes. *Tired*. For the last three weeks I have been having trouble sleeping. Everyone goes through phases like this so I won't go on about how much it sucks. Especially because that always irks mums with young children who are thinking "A phase? This is my lifeeeeeeeeeee". But suffice it to say, I couldn't sleep and I spent the majority of my free time napping.

Napping is a funny thing. When I was young I hated napping. i never used to nap. When we went to my aunt and uncles house their kids always had a nap after lunch... and me and my sister were not so much fans of this. In fact until the last couple of years me napping was a pretty good indicator of when I was ill. However since I have finished Uni and am working I seem to nap a lot. I would say this is mainly from mental tiredness.

But lately I haven't been sleeping because I sometimes find it difficult to drift off due to my bad joints. I have a bad neck and shoulder, which basically I can't get comfy. Every night I hear my husband drift of into snoresville long before I do. I then usually wake up around 3am and have to fall back asleep again. However I am feeling positive. I am waking up in the night less and less and, thanks to painkillers (hallelujah) I am finding it a bit easier to fall asleep at night.

So today I feel the most awake I have in a while (I am actually yawning as I type this though so it may not last!) and I am going to use this awakeness to catch up on blogs, chores and napping. What? I still gotta nap.

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