Monday, 15 August 2011

52: 24 Enchanted

So a few days ago I spend two nights at Disneyland Paris. This doesn’t sound like a lot but after two days of walking, queuing, more walking and more queuing you start to feel a little drained.

Not that I am complaining. Who couldn’t be happy to wander around such a magical place as Disneyland where everything is designed to bring your imagination to life. Forget children, this is a nerds dream.

It is also a place where, for some unknown reason, people like to dress the same while walking around. I won’t judge for that but I am definitely judging for the amount of smokers in the Paris park. What better way to walk through the most magical place on Earth than in a cloud of cancer-causing smoke?

However as I walked around the park I stopped noticing the magic and wonder of the themed restaurants,  the film characters brought to life and the theatrical music blasting out from seemingly nowhere. What I noticed is that no one is alone at Disneyland. What I notice is mums and dads holding hands with their children, couples strolling through the park in love, friends having fun and laughs together.

Disneyland is made out to be a place that brings magic to life. But from where I stand Disneyland is a place where the people bring the magic with them. Disneyland is just the candle – the people, young and old, are what light it up and make it shine.

After all, fireworks aren’t so enchanting when no one is around to watch them.

This is the script I wrote for my video 'Thoughts from Places: Disneyland Paris'. Here is the final product:

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