Friday, 26 May 2006



i got up at 6:45am (mum goes to work at 7:30am) to open some presents. I do have a picture but I look awful so won't post it  i opened presents from my nanas (photo frames, cd, tops, socks), my aunt (sarong) and my firend jo (earrings). Here you can see me trying on the earrings and one of the tops:

In the morning me and my sister played Monopoly. This picture is when I got the "Its your birthday" community chest card. Because i am sad:

My sis, my mum and me then went for lunch at a tea room called Oaks. I had yummy jacket potato and apricot crumble for afters. Thenme and my mum walked along the prom. The first picture shows where the prom has recently collapsed... good ol 'stowe. And the second one is looking back along the sea front:

Then in the evening we went for a meal (at the Black Tiles) where I opened my family presents... my sis got me 6 x pants/socks, book, body shop set. Rents got me Walk the line DVD, memory card for my camera and 3 x earrings. I ate very yummy roast meal followed by pavlova mmmm:

More will follow as I am going out with friends tomorrow night. Fun pics await. All in all it was a cool birthday. A lot less stressful and depressing than last year... thats for sure.


Ok, since I wrote the above I have been out with my friends. First I opened more presents at my house (i am so lucky ). Here you see me opening present from Michelle who got me some funky pjs and the American Pie 2 soundtrack:

Then we got ready to got out. Graham decided to join us.

Then we went for a meal at teh Blue Naan Indian restaurant. (we is Karen, Mich, Kath, Sue and me). Sue and Karen got me a playstation game which you see me opening here:

Then we went to the Bandbox. but only stayed about 45 mins. Its as much dancey music as I can take  Its just long enough to get a Slippery Nipple and enjoy it:

In this video if you pay attention Karen is trying to tell me that someones attempting to pull me. Being deaf I couldn't hear and only found out that the cute guy you see a glimpse of was trying to dance with me for quarter of an hour. Anyway... have a look hehe:

And thus endeth my birthday.

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