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Dober dan! Kako ste? Sem dobro. (Hello! How are you? I'm fine.)

Hey all, I have just come back from a fantastic holiday in Slovenia! Everyone should go there, its my new favourite place. I thought I would write a kind of holiday diary but it will be in bits because I can' be bothered at the moment. So just for starters some little facts about Slovenia:

Slovenia is 20723 square km and borders Austria, Italy, Hungary and Croatia. It has a decreasing population of just under 2 million.

The largest cave animal in the world live in the Slovenian karst caves and is called a Proteus Anguinis of 'human fish' and I have seen them!

Slovenia has more bears per square km than any other country. It is also covered in more forest than any other country in the world except Finland.

The Slovene language is complicated and is the only language that has a seperate form for couples in love. Incidentally Sloveinia is the only country in the world with LOVE in its name.

Slovenia is home to the oldest wooden wheel in the world which is about 5000 years old.


Ok time for some photos:
This is on a jetty in Portoroz with my sister. My hotel is to the left of the ruined hotle in the background. The hotle you see used to be so grand but fell into disrepair. The owner then died and eventually the hotel was sold for $1 on the agreement that it would be restored to its former glory.

This is along the prom (towards the old town of Piran). The water was so clear and pretty. The land across the bay is Croatia.

This is taken in the main square of Piran. The day we went Prince Albert of Monaco (Grace Kelly's son) was visiting the town. He is the one who was waving. There were loads of security guards who jumped into moving veichles. Very 007. There was a funny welsh guy standing next to me who kept making jokes about the whole thing.

This is taken on the other side of Piran. If you look (very) carefully on the horizon are mountains. These are the mountains of northern Italy. Slovenia is mainly landlocked and has less than 40km of coast which is why I the photos usually have Italy or Croatia in the background.

This is me and my sis paddling in Portoroz. I had swam in the Adriatic once before but never in the Gulf of Venice. It was freezing. Paddling was nice though. That sand is the biggest beach in Slovenia I reckon. There aren't waves and there isn't a beach in the traditional sand and stones sense.

This is me chilling out on the balcony. It was a georgous view of the whole bay with Croatia in the background. We paid an extra £100 for the view and it was bloody worth it. It was incredible.

Ok so these are from our day trip to Venice. This is me and Kath in St Marks Square. It was very busy but the city is too beautiful to notice. To rent a flat overlooking St Marks Square it costs about 5000 Euros a week. To get an espresso when the live music play it will cost 14 Euros and a glass of champange is 250 Euros.

This is us on a gondola! So exciting. The gondoliers are said to be the descendants of Cassanova who was the most famous gondolier in Venice and liked his ladies. He was also the only person in history to escape from the Doges Palace Prison (which incidentally is the only building with a basement - the prisoners in here were left to drown as the city floods every winter)

Ok this is St Marks from the other way. Its a bit wonky but you can see the Basilia and the Bell Tower. The original Bell Tower collapsed after it was built - it actually collapsed during Sunday mass when all the Venetians were packed into the Basilia. However, 1 minute before it fell all the pigeons from the square flew away. This freaked out the Venetians so much that they all fled the square and no one was hurt when the tower collapsed. Therefore pigeons are the protectors of Venice. If you are caught hurting one its a 400 Euro fine.

Ok this photo was taken in Postojna where we went to see one of the most beautiful cave systems in the world. This is outside - the river you see took 2million years to carve the 20km long caves. When you go in you go 2km into the caves in a train. Walk a km then come back on another train. Its spectacular.

Because my photos aren't so clear here are some pics I found on Google. The first is of the caves. The second is of the human fish mentioned above - the largest cave animal in the world. They live 1000 years and can go 7-12 years without food.

This is another view from the balcony. You can see the outdoor pool in the bottom of the picture. This is looking the opposite way from Piran.
Back to Piran. This is a picture of the main square on a different day. This day there was a peace parade and there were cats all over the square. Cardboard ones. In the background you can see the Bell Tower....

This is the view from the top looking down at the square! We stupidly went up at 12 o'clock and were deafened by the bells. The bells ring every quarter of an hour 24/7. Apparently people who stay in Piran hotels are woken up by it.

The following link is of a video. Beyond Piran was a little lake. There was a playground. We had to play. Listen carefully and you can hear me say SHIT after dropping the camera:

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