Thursday, 21 August 2008

No sarcasm please

Hi all!

Time to write a new blog me thinks. The only other thing to be doing is finishing off watching Cold Feet (a British drama/comedy series that used to be on - here watch a clip... for no other reason than because I love hyperlinks). However I am at the end of the series and a main character dies... it is the most heartbreaking thing I have ever seen on television. So I am always reluctant to finish watching series 5. Although at the same time leaving it unwatched would be a crime of DVD box sets.

Anyway instead I thought I would write a nice, moan-free blog.

"Huzzah! A blog without moaning," you all cry.

Yep, that is right. Get out the party poppers and put the champers on ice because this blog is solely happy, funness of awesome. Be prepared for updates of my life which do not involve ranting or (if I can manage it) negative sarcasm.

By the way while looking for a clip of Cold Feet I found an American series of the same name. I will cry if the series was re-done in the U.S.. It is just so... British. I don't see how it would work. I think it best for me to avoid finding out about this for my own peace of mind.

Weekly Update:

Note:- when I say weekly I mean whenever I write it. I doubt this will actually be weekly, but you get the jist.

So I have done two main things this week ("Two!?" "Yes two whole different, seperate things that I have done of interest!" "Wow... I wish my life were as fun as yours" - I may have to readdress the negative sarcasm prohibition rule I set).

The first was go to see a comedian at my local theatre called Joe Pesquale. For those who live outside the United Kingdon, or simply don't have a clue who he is, Joe P is a prop based comedian who has been around for donkey's years (why are the years of a donkey long?). He won the much sought after I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here reality show... a programme I am not ashamed to say I skip when it is on.

I have seen him before and to be honest... he reused many of his gags. I have to say he is the least favourite of the comedians I have seen live (the best being Jack Dee). Which was slightly disappointing however his support was fantastic. His name was Kev Orkian and he was a really talented muscian! He played an awesome remixed version of Moonlight Sonata by Beethoven on the piano. I could have listened to him all night.

The other thing I did this week was go to see The Mummy 3: Tomb of the Poor Screenplay... oh sorry... Tomb of the Dragon Emporer. Oh dear God. For those of you who want to go see it despite the following mauling it will get I won't do spoilers. By the way this next section of blog may be moan-full rather than moan-free... but I will say something positive about the film to balance it out.

A few things:
  1. Evelyn. Now maybe it is because I want to marry Rachel Weisz (excuse me for momentarily changing my sexual orientation to emphasize a point) but there was no way this new person, Maria Bello, was ever going to be as good. But I was willing to give her a chance. A chance that she took, squished into a ball and flushed down the toilet. She played Evelyn completely differently which would have been ok could she perhaps act at all. Also the relationship between her and Fraser lacked any chemistry.
  2. Now to be fair on Maria Bello she didn't have much to go on because the screenwriters really should be held accountable (them and Rob Cohen). The basic story was interesting; I have been to China and am fascnated by their history. However they had to keep adding bits of unnessecary plot and detail. It reminded me a bit of The Simpsons in the later series. They take a good story but have to keep changing things or adding in gags where none was needed... or in The Mummy's case adding in ridiculous CGI characters with no explanation.
  3. Now I know that this is a stupid thing to be annoyed about but having grown up in England, with a strong English accent aged 8, and then studied under English tutors surely, surely Alex would sound like he comes from Oxfordshire. Apparently not. Now this is a petty thing I know but I did my research and the actor is Australian so he had to put on an accent anyway! There was no explanation.
  4. Evie as an author... what, because she got bored of Egyptology?
  5. Ok now for the positive... *tumbleweed* ... just kidding, I am being slightly harsh (and I am breaking all my moaning rules). In defence of The Mummy 3 I will say that my friends really enjoyed it and um... John Hannah made me laugh (the cow did NOT make me laugh because I am not 3 years old), and Brendan Fraser remains a pretty dudey guy.
Oh I also posted two new videos this week on my YouTube account if you care to watch.

Fings wat haz bin makin me lolz dis wk:

This is the point of my blog where I will insert a video from the good ol Tube of You. In fact I think I may go made and add two. The first is from Kristina (of 5AG and The Parselmouths fame) and is a homemade trailer for Breaking Dawn (without spoilers). It just made me giggle. The second is a video by James (aslanenlisted) and is the reason I have been singing that song all week.

Random question of the day:

It is important to ponder difficult questions, such as the one that follows, to keep your mind mentally stimulated. A way to maintain the cognitive abilities one has acquired in the past but rarely puts in to use nowadays. Prepare for the psychological maze of internal debate that will now occur:

If you could only visit one website for a week, which would it be?

Duh duh duuuunnnnnn.

Yeah ok so it was a pretty lame question. But it is only my second blog. We are going to have to work up to the really challenging stuff. Stick with me though and we will be discussing Fermat's Last Theorem, the British-Zionist Conflict, the photovoltaic effect and Jennifer Anniston's love life in no time.

Actually the question is quite a tough one. My most visited sites, or at least my toolbar bookmarks, are as follows: Mugglenet, Hotmail, Youtube, Nerdfighters, Twilight Source, Facebook and Twitter.

Now Mugglent and Twilight Source are solely to fulfill my fan girl needs. However I can go without them for a week (if I can't there may be a problem). Nerdfighters I can survive without a week. I only have 7 followers on Twitter so probably won't be missed on there anyway.

So I am left with Youtube, Hotmail and Facebook. Now, I feel I should say email. I do get emails every day, some asking me to simply fill in my credit card details for an exciting opportunity to recieve one million pounds!!!, and some which are actually important. However I could manage without email for a week, providing I had no urgent things to deal with.

As long as I had a free following week I could give up Youtube. The following week of course would be spent catching up on all my subscriptions. I would probably miss YT the most. But the other choice is Facebook, the website which I think I should choose. FB has all my friends (this sounds like they are being held hostage), it has chat, it has games, some people post videos and music etc etc. It has a bit of everything.

Of course another reason is that I think Adam would die if I didn't take my turn in ATTACK! for a whole week.

So that is all for today. Congratulations if you read the whole thing! I award you respect and love. Actually if people really want I will post them an award... because I am just that nice and I love mail.

To online friends (and Kim) I say: DFTBA!
To my friends IRL I say: don't forget to be awesome! Which is the same thing but in non-acronym form... if you didn't already get that.

Love you all, Helen xxx

P.S. Harry Potter... because I can't not mention it.

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