Sunday, 17 August 2008

And so it begins...

Ok so here is the thing - I have a Youtube account. I like making videos. But I have to be honest... videos can take a lot of time and energy. There is the filming (in my case on a tiny digital camera), then the transferring and converting (because my .mov files aren't recognised by Windows Movie Maker) and then the editing and uploading etc. So for when I am feeling lazy then voila - I have a blog.

In a lot of ways I find typing quite theraputic. The tapping noise of fingers on keys is comforting.... that was probably a really silly thing to say, but it is true. Also when you are annoyed or upset or even ecstatically happy sometimes you want to see your thoughts in writing. This is why people keep diaries. I never was able to commit to one just for myself - but a blog is like a diary for others. So if people like reading this then I will stick with it.

So what exactly will my blog be about? Well as you know (from my blog title) I am a Nerdfighter. Don't know what that is - where have you been? Go here. So this blog will be a lot of nerdy stuff; my love of fictional characters (I my have to mention Edward Cullen more than once), my love of art, my love of reading in general, Harry Potter Harry Potter Harry Potter, my obsession with Peanuts (the Schulz cartoon strip), my love of cult television such as Buffy, my enjoyment of watching films, my ridiculous dreams about space travel, my yearning for a revival of true 50s style rock and roll, my new friends from Youtube, my friends IRL and of course my absolute devotion to Hank and John Green.

Harry Potter News:

Before I start can I just say that I visit A LOT of HP fan sites but my favourite is Mugglenet (also if you are a Harry P fan and don't listen to Mugglecast then you are missing out). Ok, plug over.

So the big Harry Potter news this week is that the release of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince has been moved from Nov 21st 2007 to July 17th 2008.

I am sorry but WHAT!?!?!?!

When I first read this I was sure it was a joke. But don't worry Warner Bros have a really good, valid reason for this delay - they will make more money in summer. Hmmm.... two thoughts on this:

1) Who gives a fuck about your money - you are a multimillion dollar international multimedia conglomorate. Get over yourselves.

2) Right so the think that no one will go see Harry Potter in winter. Well I can understand this... I mean the Harry Potter franchise is a really tiny, obscure, unknown one. I can sympathise that Harry Potter and the HBP might pass people by.


Twilight News:

Just as I plugged Mugglenet I have to plug the Twilight equivalent Twilight Source which is by the same people. Again their podcast - Imprint - is amazing. Seriously. I love it.

In an amusing turn of events Twilight didn't waste time nabbing the Nov 21st release slot left open for Harry Potter. Originally Twilight was to open int he US on December 12th, but now its almost a month earlier.

Of course as a Brit this simply means I have to wait longer between having all of my YT friends and acquaintences seeing the film and me actually getting to see it. At the moment the UK release is Jan 9th. Hopefully they will move this forward - I mean Robert Pattinson (playing Edward Cullen <3333333) is British! Release it here dammit.

Vlogbrothers News:

Nerdfighters were on the news! The 888 gathering (everyone who didn't go please join me in a big crying session) before Terminus was filmed for the Chicago CBS news event:

I wasn't there but I still feel proud! Also - how funny with the OTT quotation marks for "nerdfighters".

My News:

I will end with a little round up of my own news. As some of you (who I hope are reading this - I will send everyone a link!) know my dad is not very well at the moment. He has something called papillodema which only about 30 people in the country have. It means he has pressure in his brain and causes headaches and vision problems. We know it isn't a brain tumour (phew) but tomorrow he will be having a lumberpuncture to find out what else it could be (possibly a clot). Anyway he is ok - still working and going about life normally - but it is a stressful and worrying time. Fingers crossed we can get it all sorted soon.

Also crappy news - I still haven't started my job. I will keep you posted but I am hoping for my official offer any day.

In happier news my sister's wedding plans (Nov 15th 2008) are coming along. Her dress arrived and is now hanging up in our house. It is so exciting. Next time she comes home we are sorting out hen party invitations. So exciting. But I will tell you more about this another time because I am rambling already.

Anyway please leave comment if you read this :D I love you all for actually getting through my blog. Well done. Hope you come back soon!

DFTBA, Helen xxx

P.S. Two years today since I passed my driving test!


A.J. James said...

wow Helen this was very well written I enjoyed it 100% and I will look forward to the continuing adventures... I have a blog as well and I completely understand what you mean about typing being therapeutic. I hope your fathers health concerns are situated soon... I'm always here if you need me..

ConnectingtheStrings said...

Helen! i really enjoyed this! you should definitely continue! I have tried keeping a blog and what not and it is difficult because i have to decide whether to write or film. ha. Keep me updated on your father's health. If i can do anything for you, don't hesitate to call at all!