Sunday, 14 September 2008

What a way to make a living

Hello all who are reading this. I thought I would give a little update on what I have been up to lately. Don't forget to leave me a comment at the end!


As I have mentioned before I have got a new job, and this week I started it. And boy... scaryness. Monday morning I was shitting myself. I think the main problem is that they hired me because my interview was "perfect". Which, albeit flattering, put a lot of pressure on. It isn't that I can't take a compliment - I used to be like that - it is just I am always surprised when it happens.

Anyway I felt better when I was there. My boss is really lovely and so are my co-workers. I work in a building which has only four people working in it (including me). They are James (my counterpart), Larry and Gabriel. All guys! It is nice actually, they are all trying to make me feel welcome and there is a lovely atmosphere in the office.

I can't believe my luck though. I have landed a communications job where I get my own mobile phone and PDA (an HP iPAQ). Of course i can't use the PDA. I had never even held one before. I am scared I will break it! But it is exciting anyway.

So anyway the first day was pretty dull. The second day was a bit more interesting as I had two meetings to attend. One was a campaign strategy meeting for a scheme we are running. It was so cool. Me... little ol me... in a meeting with the head of comms and the head of community engagement... discussing how to promote their campaign. Wow (this is exciting for a media graduate anyway).

On the Fri - as it is only part time - I came in and checked my emails. It was only me and Gabriel in the office, and he is only a temp, so I was a bit unsure what to do. I checked my emails thinking I might have one or two. Okay, no joke, I had about 20 emails saying things such as:

Helen can you organise the media for WMHD?
Helen can you call the company in London behind that event and get posters urgently.
Helen can you chase up the CSV contacts about the radio promotion.

Now you may be thinking "I don't really understand those thigns" and to that I say "ME TOO!". I totally panicked! 'Can I organise the media'... that was all it said. I had NO CLUE where to start, what needed doing, nothing. It seems to be one of those jobs where you have to contact 10 different people before you can actually begin the task at hand. For example, the poster thing. I phoned Head of Comms for advice and she gave me three other people to ask, who will then give me more people to phone!

But I like the challange. It is better than just monotonous office work. I really hope I can prove myself! So for the next four weeks (except Thursday when I have my hair trial for my sister's wedding) I will be working full time so I can get used to the job.


Now it is no secret that I am a singleton. But why is this? Apparently I am picky or unresponsive to some guys' affections. This confuses me as I will explain. Maybe people can put what they think in the comments.

What is my type? I like guys who are a bit nerdy. By this I mean a guy who would much rather stay in and watch Star Wars back-to-back than stay out a nightclub till 4am. Someone who enjoys similar things to me such as reading and cultural stuff such as museums or going to the theatre. Someone who is fairly liberal, or with similar views to me. As for appearance I am really not fussy (there has to be some kind of connection of course) although too-skinny guys freak me out a bit. I would much rather have an overweight boyfriend. More cushion for the pushin'.

So is this list picky? I don't really think so. Realy it boils down to 'someone with similar interests'. Now at this point I can see where my problem is: I have not met anyone like this. The people I DO meet are drunk guys in nightclubs. Now although I am flattered to be called "Cute as fuck" by a stranger I really don't think I can form a long-term bond with a guy who is dripping his beer down his front and saying things such as "imagine where my moustache can tickle" with drooping eyes and a pack of cigarettes in hand.

Here comes the unresponsiveness. I actually think I am very polite and communicative with random guys who I've pulled (of course communication would be easier if you could actually hear in a nightclub). I dance with them, make jokes with them, get a bit flirty, etc. But at some point I draw the line - and that line is having some ugly weirdo grinding his penis against me. Sure, gential grinding can be fun, but not with a total stranger. Why do guys think this is a turn on?

So my basic principal is that I don't want to meet someone at a nightclub - it isn't my favourite thing to do, and I don't want to meet someone while I am drunk. But where I live there is nowhere else to meet people. Hmmm. Maybe I am just doomed to be one of those spinsters ala Bridget Jones or Sandra Bullock in every film she has ever made. I will be living in a crap flat with ten cats celebrating my 35th birthday with my parents.


I have started listening to The Watchercast. It is a Buffy podcast that is going through episode by episode. It is only on season 2 so I am trying to catch up. It is quite good, and they are not too long, most about 30-40 mins. Check it out and see what you think.

POTTED POTTER! I am so excited about seeing this show! I actually saw the guys who did it on the television the other day. The show must be bigger than I thought. You can watch them here. Btw I haven't watched that link. I don't want to spoil it for myself.

I love the theatre so much but I have no money for shows. Little Shop of Horrors is on at the moment - I love this musical - and I can't afford to go! I also want to get tickets to the Rock and Roll Xmas Panto. It is the best panto in the world (at The New Wolsey). All of the music is performed by the cast and they all switch instruments during different songs. I love it. Also I want to see Wicked so much! Like SO much. But that is even more expensive as it is in London.

I have finished watching The I.T. Crowd back-to-back! It makes me laugh so much. Have some clips:

Love you all. Please leave me a comment because if you do I won't kill the bunny I am holding hostage.

Helen xxx

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