Sunday, 2 November 2008

Election special

The following is a response to the georgous MK's facebook note:

Obviously my opinion does not matter in the same way as others peoples being that the US is not my home nation. However I do believe that the 'landmark' (for want of a better word) of an African-American becoming President IS an issue which will affect not only the US but the the whole of the Western world and maybe beyond.

I do agree with you wholeheartedly that people should never vote on something such as someone's race, or whether they are male/female, or whether they were born rich or poor. As you say it is up to us as citizens (for our respective countries) to take a look at the two candiates as potential leaders and choose the best.

What I meant by change is that there was a record number of African-American voters in this election - one newspaper saying as much as 70%. Of course it isn't right that people only get in to politics because someone of their own race is running however I DO believe that Obama and what he rightly or wrongly stands for has encouraged political interest in those socio-economic groups previously not interested (including younger people).

It is probably no surprise to you most people in England and Europe wanted Obama to win. We are, to mosts intents and purposes, a lot more left wing. Our Republican party equivalent, the Conservative Party, are a lot more liberal that your Democrat party for example. I myself disagree with a lot of US politics such as the debate around abortion, the death penalty, etc, but then of course I disagree with a lot of my own.

The way I see it is that I am extremely passionate about freedom of choice and protection of human rights. However I am also passionate about freedom of expression. I don't believe that people with different political opinions can't be friends or have other things in common. I mean how boring would life be if we all agreed on everything? There would no longer be a need for democracy if that happened!

Mary-Kate from what I know about you, you are an awesome person, with awesome interests, taste and judgement. I have never even thought that you may be racist. And I would definately never think that just because you voted for 'the white guy' obviously means hates black people. This is because I am (reasonably) intelligent. And I think with my head.

People need to trust (and be trusted to) vote with their heads. Because then whatever decision the country comes to, it will definately be the right one.

I am just glad other half of the Bush-Blair saga has finally gone as well. But I won't get started on that because I will be here all day.


Signed an interested citizen of Great Britain

By the way, can I come to New Zealand too? Or... lets move to Nerdfighteria... a place where we know everyone is awesome no matter views we all may differ on.


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fantastic, i like how you think:)
(i read her note and came here)

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