Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Free hugs all around

The following was written on the way from America to England post Portland. I will probably write a better blog at another point. I just need to get these things out.

I wanted to write this while it is fresh in my mind. I am currently about to board my flight to London and I need to say things before I leave the U.S..

I knew Portland was going to be amazing but what I experienced is beyond anything I could imagine. Right now I feel like a piece of me is missing. And that can only mean that the friends I met IRL in Portland make me complete. If it were possible I would just hang out with you for the rest of my life. Maybe it would get boring after a while? I don't know but I'd be willing to take my chances that it wouldn't.

I want to go through everyone so I will start with vlogtag (TEAM VLOGTAG! WOO!) including vt's bitch Leslie.

James. Touch. My amazing rumour buddy (I think we succeeded). I love you to pieces and am so sad I can't touch you right now (insert inappropriate joke here). I am so glad that someone in Portland was as touchy-feely as me. You made Portland (and me) feel cozy and happy and special. And I adore you.

Adam. Please please please can I clone you and take one of you everywhere I go. I love hugging you. You make me laugh so much and I like just watching you (there is no way for this to not sound creepy) because whatever you do makes me smile. I felt so proud when you were being mother hen at the gathering!

Mary Kate. Squee. You are Mama Kate! I think of you as the glue that holds everyone together so Mama Kate seems a fitting title. I love your beautiful face and seeing it for real made me feel so warm and happy. I am jealous about the amount of awesome that you radiate. Please stay the way you forever.

[At this point I got on the plane and officially left U.S. soil. There was much crying. Again.]

Bobby? Bobby Vlogtag? EXTREME! We started our vlogtag journey together almost a year ago. I wouldn't have believedback then that we would be hugging for real less than a year later. I miss you already and want to stroke the amazing beard of power some more.

Leslie. Oh my lord do we make the best hug ever??? You are such an amazing person and you have the cutest laugh! OI didn't tell you that but you do! I am so glad to have met you. I feel so comfortable with you and miss you already.

Team Vlogtag for the win.

It is so weird how it felt like we have known each other IRL forever. On the one hand I kept stopping and taking in the fact that you were all there with me but on the other hand it was the most natural thing in the world. It just seemed like being together in one hotel room all huggy and snuggly and playing Apples to Apples was the norm.

Of course there is the rest of the classy ladies chat to talk about.

Trevor. Happy birthday (for yesterday... which feels like this monring for me but it isn't because long haul flights are weird). It is so awesome that you had a birthday when we were all there for an IRL birthday wishes collab :P Oh come to England! We have muchos beer for under 21s!

Molly. You are such a unique person and I adore your randomness. I LOVE CHICKEN. Portland just would not have been the same without you. I think you were the only person who appreciated (or rather felt sorry for) the lonliest giraffe at the worst zoo in the world. Thanks for playing music for us :D

Amber. Miss Pineapple. I think you are hilarious (Saturn is so overwhelming) and totally adorable. I am so happy you were at the gathering so I could meet you in person and find out how amazingly awesome you are! Stay sweet! I mean boo... down with vlogsmoothie.

Karissa. Best surprise ever! I love you becasue you have an infectious personality that makes everyong happy and giggly. You are so funny and I think you brought a bit of awesoem spontaneaity to the Portland gathering.

So we had so many amazing moments such as 8 people in one car singing along to Journey; getting 5 complaints and having to move to the pool area mid time warp; going to the amazing zoo^^ ; listening to Bill and Molly in our hotel room; our illegal orgy; 10 people crashing in one room, etc, etc.

Many of these moments involved/were shared with our honarary classy ladies Bill, Chris, Heather and Sammi. I cannot believe you drove for 17 hours! I hope it was worth it - it definatley would not have been the same without you! I feel like I have made new friends in you guys and I hope we get to know each other better in the future. Bill and Chris you guys crack me up.

I can't forget Michael of course! Thank you so much for picking me up (so late!) and putting me up for the night. It sucks that you didn't get to show us all the places that you wanted us to see. More Portland visits will just have to occur in the future I think.

Thanks to everyone else as well who was at the gathering. This was just something I scribbled quickly but I hope it shows everyone how much I love you.

I am going away now to cry again!
Helen xxx


A.J. James said...

((((touch))))) Miss you sooo much....

Dr. Noise said...

much love to you helen