Thursday, 11 June 2009

Where is Adamthealien? The story so far...

If you don't know AdamTheAlien then you really should. He lives in Tacoma, Washington and is a master of chalk drawings, wearing hats, long overdue but nevertheless awesome videos and of course the glass banana. But over the past few weeks he has disappeared. He is not on or on his collab channel (which I am also part of)

Over the past two weeks clues have been posted as to Adam's whereabouts in a worldwide youtube search. My video, part 11, is below. But first let me give you a quick update of the story so far...

Part 1: Themefund sent out a braodcast from the Starship Vlogtag informing us of Adam's disappearence. The last thing Adam told anyone was that he wa leaving on an adventure. To find out where he had gone, he said, Lesliefoundhergrail had to look for a clue in grocer's freezer.

Part 2: Lesliefoundhergrail, a distraught ex-girlfriend, set out to find the grocery store clue. He left a note apologising for how he had treated her and told her that the noisy doctor must find the next clue in his deserts. Suffice it to say Leslie was NOT happy about the short and confusing note from the love of her life.

Part 3: DrNoise, a broke Private Investigater disillusioned with his life, continued the search in the Las Vegas using his skills to search for answers. He discovered a crack dealer - Woody Splintz - who knew of Adam's last whereabouts and led DrNoise to Red Rock Canyon. After searching for hours he found Adam's hat with a coded message 'Flanders. Atlanta. Terminator 4'.

Part 4: Thezombieflanders led a breaking news report on anchorman Bob Worthington's WYTZ News. Mr Flanders was on location at the Parkway Theaters in Atlanta, Georgia. Inside the theater he found a dvd of Labyrinth with a post-it note saying 'Look for Mrs Alien'.

Part 5: Theamberyone aka Mrs Alien got a call from the PI and the reporter for an interview. She was interrogated about a clue and her involvement in the 'Collab War'. She confessed to liking her so-called enemies in the war and broke down into a rendition of Mrs Alien. She recieved a clue via paper aeroplane with kthx--- as a clue.

Part 6: kthxrae, friend of Adam the alien was asked about Adam's whereabouts. She suggested we should think not about where he is... but why he is there. She gave a heart-rending monologue on lost youtubers. Determined to find him she searched for clues, and found them:
Roses are red, violets are blue, if you're a good birdy, I'll give you the next clue.
Somewhere in Colorado, awaits a unicorn, and when she springs into action, please don't be alarmed.

Part 7: imzunicorn picked up the clue with her unicorn senses. She searched in the only way she knew how - asking random strangers. No one knew where him or his clue was. She finally decided to look at space but finally found her clue in her very own home:
Roses are red, pickles are green, try looking somewhere that's not always seen. Yo.

Part 8: easavoy had met Adam through his ex-girlfriend Leslie. She was contacted by the PI with the latest clue. She wasn't sure that Aliens were often seen in Alabama and maybe that was the answer to the clue, but then she remembered soemthing strange at her workplace - NASA. She found a flyer in a tree with a chalk drawing as she left work at NASA. It said: OMFB Squee.

Part 9: SciFiGirl1023, an old friend of Adamthealien was interviewed after the OMFB Squee clue led to her. After her daily profession of love for David Bowie she tried to think things through at the park. At the park she found a chalk drawing on the pavement. As she pondered over the drawing a hat arrived on the wind. A clue in the had said:
Look across the water, to our neighbour's east. Somewhere to rest my head on my travels.
Young International People.

Part 10: yip6 unaware that the clue led to him sat playing video games. As he got up for a drink his toys came alive. A lego man quickly ran to the lego car and swerved down the cardboard road. The lego man rushed up to a podium where he discovered the next clue: 'The Crusade continues on the east coast seek the girl with three names'. Ian returned with a fresh drink not know the part he had played in the ongoing search for Adamthealien.

So that gets us up to date. Here is my own video, part 11:

Watch the videos at Adam's channel:

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