Tuesday, 17 November 2009


So Christmas is coming - the geese are getting fat (side issue - who actually eats geese on Christmas Day anymore? I wouldn't even know where to get one. I don't think putting a penny in an old man's hat would get me anywhere in 2009... except maybe to get it thrown back in my face. Ah modern society how we love thee)

Anyway the point of this blog post os to work out what the Classy Ladies want to do for Christmas. There has been some discussion within the group about whether we should do it so lets stop thinking and lets get it sorted. Stress and Christmas should never ever ever mix. Christmas is for happy, magical wonder only.

I have set up the poll below for everyone to fill in.

Please comment when you have voted so we know who is left to answer. Once there is a general consensus we can go from there.

If the general consensus is 'yes' we will set up an Elfster Secret Santa and those who chose yes can type in their names.

If you are not familiar with the site we all type our names in and then on the end date the site randomly matches people and notifies you via email. It is the online equivalent of drawing out of a hat. If the consensus is no everyone can leave it among the group to exchange presents to whoever they wish.

If you don't like any options pick the closest and elaborate in the comments. Happy polling!

Do you want to do a Classy Ladies Secret Santa?

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Love you all, Helen <3


A.J. James said...

I love you and I voted... I hope you have a wonderful day...

Beth said...

Just wanted to say that I voted, Ms. Helen.

Helen said...

I voted :P