Monday, 28 June 2010


Today's blog is simple. It is 5 reasons why I don't like summer. Of course there are many reasons why I do love summer (the main one involving a three week holiday to see my boyfriend and some of the most amazing people in my life). But I don't feel like telling you the good things about summer; I feel like ranting.

1. Car journeys. "What?" I hear your cry? "Are you mad? Sunglasses on, music up, sunshine pouring through the glass, air conditioning blasting..." Well now that does sound nice. You know what isn't nice though? MY CAR. It has no air con and so not only do I have to drive around what feels like a greenhouse, but I also can't cool down the steering wheel meaning I burn my hands.

2. Work. I work in conservatory. While this may sound lovely actually it really is the total opposite of lovely. I do not appreciate working in a sauna. It is actually a lot better since I have been there because the roof has fitted blinds. How the guys managed in there when it was over 40 centigrade I literally do not know. I would have gone on strike. Ick.

3. Bikinis and other attire. It is a fact not often acknowledged but summer is really great for skinny people. They get to wear bikinis, show off their body, walk around in mini skirts and boob tubes! Ah it must be bliss for them. People like me on the other hand - flabby thighs, big boobs, muffin top and back cleavage - we get the fun of trying to be cool while not looking like mutton dressed as lamb.

For the first time ever this year I bought a fitted bikini. While the top looks fantastic even one size bigger on the bottoms and I still get fat splurging out every which way. I am, as so many females like myself are, resigned to wear board shorts when I go swimming. For other women it is T-shirts. Either way we look longingly at the people who are either naturally thin or actually have the fitness level to attend the gym on a regular basis. I am definitely not looking forward to wearing little.

4. Feeling faint. Humidity sucks. Even people who LOVE summer have to give me this one. HUmidity is like someone has wrapped a blanket around your head and stood you in front of a fire. It is suffocating, hot and completely relentless. It doesn't matter if you are in shade or not, if it is humid you can't escape. I remember the most hummid I have ever been was my first night in Beijing when I went to China. I thought I couldn't breathe. But of course the hotel room had air con. No such luck in a regular British household!

5. Expectation to do nothing. For some reason when we get to summer people stop doing things. They opt for sitting in the sun basically waiting until they have increased their risk of skin cancer a sufficient amount to return indoors for a stint. I hate holidays which require me to sit on a lounge chair and sit and er... sit... adn sit... and maybe sit some more. Where is the fun in sunbathing! Plus it makes me feel ill. See point 4.

So today was more of a rant than a blog. But I think I have raised some valid points. Like I said though, I do love summer for many reasons, and maybe I will blog about the good things tomorrow or in the future.

My answer: I think it is pretty obvious from my blog I am Teamwinter. At least if you are too cold you can wear more layers. Once you are naked and still hot - thats when we have a problem.


Bobby Jones said...

I am totally #teamsummer, as you know. While all of those points are good and valid reason that summer can be unpleasant (although the "muffin top" argument is crap in my opinion, but that's a whole different topic altogether)

I find the arguments against Winter more compelling: when it snows too much you are literally stuck in your house, potentially without power. No matter how many layers I pack onto my body, my feet and hands are always too cold, or at the very least I lose all dexterity in my fingers because of bulky crap gloves. Winter is a more depressing season for me because it focuses on family relationships and gatherings, which are generally terrible events for me. All the trees get all brown and dumb looking (although I do love the look of things after a fresh snow)

I could go on, but I won't.

Helen E. Abbott said...

@Bobby - Ah! I knew you'd comment on this blog :) There are things about winter that I dislike but I just can't stand heat. My body just wasn't made for it. (muffin tops suck).

PinkPixieDF (Heather) said...

I started to reply to this, but I think I'll reply in my own blog because my comment turned into several paragraphs :-)

A.J. James said...

I enjoy summer because for the last two summers it has meant great time with good friends, I have a beautiful girlfriend who has no idea just how hot she realy is.

I understand your points but I am definetly Team Summer... Snow is laaaaame.

Helen E. Abbott said...

@Heather - Woo. I will reply to your reply.

@JooJoo - Winter is more than snow silly. Didn't you have a great Christmas?

Katherine said...

@James - surely it should be obvious from her blog that Hels knows full well how hot she is - she's sweltering! :-P

I used to hate summer too but I'm much more into it now. I love winter as well, but I can understand why people who come from places with harsher winters than ours don't like it.

The End.