Tuesday, 29 June 2010


Yesterday I had a little rant about what I don't like about summer. And, with a little bit of backlash - although not the kind of the leggingsgate* - I though I would give a more balanced view today when it is not quite so hot. My friend Heather has also done a blog response to my rant from yesterday. You can read it HERE. I will try to give a more balanced view.

*Leggingsgate refers to my rant about how people shouldn't wear leggings with tshirts. I was referring to people with no taste such as those on Jeremy Kyle... but alas I got myself into trouble with more than one friend! This is my printed apology. You really should have seen the woman on JK though... bad bad bad.


While it is tempting to begin another rant about how I hate the heat I will refrain (despite sitting here feeling sweaty, sticky, icky and generally yucky). The only thing I feel I must mention, having forgotton to add it to my list yesterday, is men thinking it is ok to walk around topless. Until the world is okay with women walking around topless I think men should not expose their hairy sunburnt chests to the world away from the beach (it is fine on the beach - I am talking in cafes and cities).

Now I say about 30 times a day during summer 'I hate summer' - usually following the whine up by kicking something - but what I really mean is that I hate the heat. I love the sun as much as the next person. A long day with a bright evening sky and not a cloud in the sky is so beautiful. My only wish is that I could enjoy it without thinking about whether my deodorant still lasts 24 hours when I am literally melting. But in general sun is good; sun, not heat.

The next best thing about summer is Pimms o'clock. If you haven't heard of Pimm's here is what Urban Dictionary has to say about Pimm's o'Clock: "Time for Pimm's (posh cocktail made with pimm's, lemonade, and fruit). Implies lazy, happy days sitting in the sun with nothing to do and no need to worry about time." Now while I hate sitting in the sun with nothing to do, a Pimm's in hand does make it more bearable. Of course in general cocktails are generally more acceptable in summer. You feel less silly ordering an elaborate 5 liqueur drink complete with sparklers, umbrellas, stirrers and miniature balloons (I have never seen mini balloons in a cocktail either but go with me) when it is sunny. It seems to be the done thing!

I guess I will lastly say that summer is usually when you go on holiday. And it therefore is a time of friendship (whereas Winter is more about family I guess). One of the happiest experiences of my life was visiting Portland last summer. Although I nearly died during the day from the heat it was so much fun. I have these wonderful photos with bright days, no rainy clouds or overcast skies. Summer is a perfect time to share experiences with the people you love. The fact that VidCon is happening in summer is a big plus on the TEAMSUMMER argument.


In the comments and on Heather's blog some important points have been raised against TEAMWINTER. For example how much of an inconvenience snow and ice is. Now this one I agree with. This summer James and I got stuck in the snow for hours at one point. I also had to give up going to work for a few days first because the ice nearly made me crash, and then because my car was pretty buried in snow (see below).

Now while I admit to the inconvenience of this, it still doesn't really make me hate snow or ice. During this last winter, which I have to point out was a particularly bad one, James and I walked my mum to and form work a couple of times. It was absolutely beautiful to see roads covered in white, with sparkling icicles glittering on trees; no cars only snowmen made by children playing and being excited; crisp, fresh air that felt so clean. It was amazing. Like walking through a Christmas card.

I am still TEAM WINTER... or maybe AUTUMN OR SPRING?

I guess the other main argument is the cold. I can understand being cold to your bones, feeling like there is no hope of ever warming up; I am a football goer. Now... if you have never been to a football match in the cold then you don't understand the feeling of freezing. I have been to football wearing the following and still spent two hours shivering: tights, two pairs of socks, pyjama bottoms, jeans, 7 tops, a long jacket or fleece, a scarf, gloves and a hat. Yes it is horrible to be that cold. But I still hate sweating more!

The last thing about winter that pushes it into pole position is Christmas. Now I can totally understand that not everyone has Christmases like mine and, if you are not particularly family orientated, I also understand that the holiday season isn't the most fun. However I happen to have a very close family unit and I love spending Christmas with them. I love that on Christmas you feel like you are living in a little bubble. You almost forget that millions of other people are also tucking into turkeys and scoffing their face with chocolates.

It isn't just the day itself I like. I enjoy when it gets dark early and all of the houses come alive with fairy lights and decorations. I love it when you get the urge to be homely even though you really are a terrible cook; our Christmas puddings are homemade and delicious. Watch my video about them:


In conclusion I don't mind summer but I hate the heat. I also hate the heat in snowy places. I got heatstroke when I went skiing - absolutely true story. Twice I think. It was very hot! But you couldn't strip in case you got frostbite! How annoying. (P.S. In Austria it snowed separate snowflakes. One of the most amazing things I have ever seen). BUT in general you get the worst heat in the summer and that is the main reason I am team winter. Or team autumn... or team spring. TEAMBEARABLEHEAT.

My answer: I think the only thing I haven't mentioned above is summer storms. Although the lead in is usually 3 or 4 days of extreme humidity I still get excited when I start to see thunder-flies flitting about. I love watching the lightening and feeling the fresh rain that makes a contrast to the muggy heat. They are great fun. Storms are my favourite.


PinkPixieDF (Heather) said...

Helen, I have to completely agree with you that men should not go topless away from the beach. I work in a home-improvement store and it is gross when sweaty, smelly men come into the store with open shirts or no shirt at all. Even women will come into the store wearing only swimsuits. It's gross. People need to dress themselves when they go shopping. It may be 110 degrees outside, but that is no excuse for a woman in her 60's to walk into a store to buy paint wearing only a one-piece swimsuit and sandals. Ewww, so gross.

I can say nice things about winter, snow is very pretty and when it's not windy, it can be warm even when it is snowing. I think part of the reason I despise the cold so much is that I've been camping in the cold many times and sleeping outside when it's snowing is not very fun. If you have a nice cozy house to stay in and a good window seat to sit and stare at the snow, and a fireplace and some hot cocoa,.. that's a good time.

A.J. James said...

I am mostly team Summer, but I think the best thing I can say about winter that you didnt mention is sunuggling with one that you love.

Helen E. Abbott said...

@Heather - Ick, I don't think I would want to camp in snow! Inside in a blanket is good!

@JooJoo - Aww, snuggles.