Monday, 3 January 2011

52:1 Positivity. Capital P.

Last night, when I was having trouble sleeping due to my amazing yet currently snuffly husband's snoring, I was thinking about the things that happened to me over 2010.I made the movie lover's pilgrimage to Hollywood, I sang in line to Disney's Splash Mountain with an echo microphone, I got married with a quietly romantic ceremony, I became an aunt to the world' most photographed baby (see below), I started presenting live on the radio and learned how to supress swear words, etc, etc.

Yet despite these awesome things happening the year was interspliced with my husband James' visa applications (despite what the Daily Mail newspaper might say it is not that easy to get into this country) and being what felt like 10000 mile apart (where in actual fact it was a mere 5000 miles). These rather irritating bitchslaps in the face of romance made the year also a little bit of a blur. It was for this reason that I came up with Project 52.

Project 52 is simple; I will write one blog every week (on a non-specific day) about my life which will hopefully be as interesting as it was last year or you may all be crying with boredom by February 1st. My husband is also going to do the project alongside me over on his blog, which you can read by clicking here. If you like the sound of an Army veteran with a penchant for mustard and the hots for Marvel then you'll muchly enjoy his blog.

For the first week I'd like to tell you about another project that I am working on which, if you are a regular reader of my blog, you may already know about. Back in January 2010 James and I started a film review blog called He Said She Said. We do joint reviews of cinema releases, me trying to hold back my tendancy to spill into academic ramblings and James trying hard to meet my irrational need for 100% correct capital letters.

So here we are a year later and we have decided to branch out into the world of Youtube. We uploaded our first ever (with the exception of a charity video for our local animal shelter) He Said She Said video which, despite me getting carried away with iMovie's film strip transitions, turned out pretty good:

We are hoping to have a lot of fun with both He Said She Said and Project 52 this year. I hope this somewhat meandering trail through my thoughts hasn't put you off wanting to stick around. See you next week.

Hugs galore.


Amanda said...

I love it! Project 52 is an awesome idea, and of course you are going to have an exiting year like the last one. Just promise me you won't spend every blog talking about wedding plans :-P

Luv xxx

Marry said...

Great job!!!

MaryKateS said...

Im excited to hear about what's going on! i really hope i can also do better at keeping up with blogs. i always enjoy reading yours but i just never seem to be good at keepin up! Best of luck love.
Love you!!!

Helen E. Abbott said...

@Amanda Thanks! Not enough planning at the moment to even write a paragraph so I think you're safe.

@Marry - Thank you :)

@MK - Don't worry, I'll pester you to read them lol. You should think about doing it too :d