Friday, 14 January 2011

52:2 Oh to be Marilyn...

I want to talk this week about the dreaded topic of all dreaded topics: weight and body confidence. You see, every year my New Year's resolution is always to lose weight... not because I am permanently unhappy about the way I look but because I ate for a freakin' army during Christmas and now have a nice muffin top in my definately-not-skinny-jeans. Of course what my resolution should be is to get body confident - something that you can have regardless of the amount of cellulite your thighs have... which is a good thing for me.

Now, despite having moments of crisis like I am at the moment (and moments of crisis usually lead to binge eating sweets), over the past few years my body confidence has actually grown. Why? Maybe my subconcious brain is thinking "I bagged a man so I don't have to worry about how I look anymore - score!"... or perhaps because I discovered Gok Wan... or maybe because I have become part of the Nerdfighter community, which emphasizes brains and culture over weight and fashion... In reality it is a mixture of all three plus something that I have realised that kind of changed the way I think. I'll explain.

There are two sets of people that I take issue with: 1) People with a lovely figure who spend their time moaning that they are disgustingly fat and unhealthy because they have only been to the gym 5 times this week instead of 7 (undoubtedly said while wearing their skintight mini-dress) and 2) People who are totally and utterly confident about the way they look.

I take issue with 1 because it is the law that everyone takes issue with these people. And I take issue wwith 2 because I want to be one of those people but I'm not. However if there is one thing that has helped me get closer to category 2 than ever before, i.e. the thing I realised that blew my mind, is this:

everyone, including you, is someone else's category 1.

Just think about that for a while.

In the meantime I just want to focus on something that I really like about myself - my figure. Regardless of your weight (well unless you are 80 stone in which case it is pretty hard to tell) everyone fits into a certain figure like the ones here. I am an hourglass - big boobs, small waist and big hips - which luckily is my favourite type of figure. Of course unluckily this is not the 1950s where Marilyn Monroe's georgous size 14 hourglass figure was the height of glamour... in fact I think she'd be hard done by to find a high street top and jeans that fitted her boobs and hips respectively (Gandalf knows I have trouble!) But I like my shape. I just need to love the figure on the tape measure.

I am going to leave this blog here for today. Thanks for reading and don't forget to comment.


Luitha said...

Nice!! As I keep telling myself, I am an adult woman, not a boy with boobs...

Not that I have anything against skinny people. I just don't want to feel bad about my amazing and totally sexy body because I'm not one of them. A little more proportionate representation of femininity please...

May we all admire our bodies and rejoice!!!

MaryKateS said...

I wish i was Hourglass. I think i fit more of an apple shape... :/ i have no ass... lame.

I need mo' greens in muh diett.

I think hourglasss shape is the best of both worlds. You fill out shirts right and you keep your pants up :)

Also hourglass looks gorgeous in a corset!