Saturday, 30 April 2011

52: 17 The future

James and I have come to the conclusion that moving away from uffolk is something that won't be happening any time soon. And, although we are desperate to move away and start a new life, we have also felt relief and excitement for our new short-term plans.

At the moment we are looking for a flat to live in. It is rather interesting considering that I have never lived anywhere but my parents house, and James has never lived in his own place in England. We are both a bit oblivious to how all of the systems work and what are the right questions to ask. But it is exciting. We are finally in a position to start our future, in our own home with our own spacce... and a lot less money.

It sounds silly but I am looking forward to only being able to afford own-brand products and living paycheck to paycheck... because it symbolises the next step in our journey together as a couple. We want to start at the bottom and work our way up because at the moment we still feel like we aren't at the starting post yet; that we are in the wings waiting to be called.

Anyway this is a short blog post, but I wanted to share my musings. Raise a glass to the future and hopefully I will be telling you about a move very soon!

P.S. I am now up to date on blogs and back on track. Huzzah.

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