Friday, 15 April 2011

52:14 This one time, at #Kapow... (1)

As you may know, if you follow us on Youtube or Twitter, James and I attended Kapow! Comic Con this weekend past. It was our second convention, our first being VidCon in Los Angeles, and our first ever comic conference. I have done a review of the evnt itself over on He Said She Said, but here I want to talk about some other things and fun times that were had over the weekend.

The first thing that has to be said is that James aand I were required to squeeze everything we needed into one medium sized and one miniature rucksack. This was due to our realisation that we would have to carry everything all day on Sunday. As it happens they have a cloakroom where we just dumped everything. We'll know for next year! But at least we got to exercise some kind of control. Considering James and I usually pack about 5 tops for a one night stay "just in case" or "because we like choice", this was proabbly a rather good exercise for us particularly.

James and I got to the hotel, which we would be staying in with our friends Kim and Ross, first. It was a short walk from Russel Square and, as we rounded the corner onto the correct street we were rather worried and disheartened to see that our hotel was the one with the neon sign. I half expected it to flicker and for scantily clad women smoking outside the doors. However I have to say that the hotel was actually rather nice. It was one of those hotel/hostel places were you get your own room but the bathroom is down a flight of stairs. We had no problem with this except for flooding light in from the corridor during midnight "I am thinking about it and I can't sleep until I go regardess of how little there is in my bladder" wees.

after we checked in we went for a stroll before Kim and Ross arrived. We discovered a lovely little shopping plaza, which was boiling hot like a summers day - no joke/. There was a metal seat which I sat on and was burning through my jeans. It was fun watching two girls in mini-skirts approach. I would have warned them but... where would be the fun in that. They sat down and had a delayed reaction of "Oh my god this is hot!". They stayed there anyway so I didn't feel too guilty.

When Kim and Ross arrived we went for a wonder to the plaza again having the most humongous burgers for dinner on the way. We were rather stuffed. But they were good. We had to vacate pretty sharpish though as about 50 foreign exchange boys were being led in by their teacher and didn't want to be in the middle of the loud mob of hormonal teens.

After that we weren't sure what to do with our Friday evening. We wanted to do something, James particularly fancied a comedy club but we didn't know where one was. Ross and I both suggested going to Convent Garden and look around as there is always something going on there. About 30 seconds after leaving the tube station we were handed flyers for money of the Top Secret Comedy Club, just around the corner. What luck!

The comedy club was a bit scary as it was in the basement of som kind of community building and had low ceilings and dim light. We did wonder whether we would ever be getting out of there but luckily it was just a comedy club. We saw about four acts before we left, all of whom were a bit nervous but very funny. One of them looked the spitting image of Hurley from lost and one guy was 6 foot 7 inches. These attributes weren't the reason they were very funny... it did help though!

The next morning was VidCon Day One - read this blog.

To be continued.

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