Friday, 22 April 2011

52:15 This one time, at #Kapow (2)

I have written quite a few blogs about Kapow so, to keep up to date, read this... then this... then this... and now proceed.

This blog is basically about our journey home. While this might not seem like a very interesting thing to tell you about please try to remember that James and I were in full cosplay. James' very blue face recieved quite a bit of attention to say the least!

I wanted, however to tell you about the train home. I hate trains. Hate. Firstly, they make me feel uneasy. Secondly, the prices are extortionate. Thirdly, their systems suck. On that third point: James and I were ready to go home at 5:30pm. We were carrying backpacks and, as previously mentioned, were dressed like X-Men. So we went to ask if we could get the earlier train rather than our allocated one of 7:30pm, two hours later.


The first person at the 'help' desk was a bit irked by us. We weren't rude or anything... but apparently we had interrupted her chattering with her family who had come to visit her. Silly us for wanting to catch the train due to go in 5 moinutes time! Suffice it to say, she wasn't very accomodating. She simply told us that if we want the earlier train we have to buy new tickets. Excellent.

The second person we asked, because we had nothing to lose, was slightly more helpful but was similarly frustrating. He informed us that we could exchange our tickets for the earlier train for a bargain fee of £60. Huzzah! Maybe not...

In a last ditch effort we asked a third and final person; the man at the turnstile to the platform. What a surprise! He was a) friendly and b) said "Of course, go right through". So we got on the train with about 30 seconds to spare!

The train was absolutely PACKED. An earlier train had been cancelled meaning there were double the people on our ride. I suspect the steward let us through knowing that the ticket-checker would never manage to actually get to us... and he never did. In fact we spent the majority of the journey in the first class section, being the only place we could sit down!

The first class bit consisted of just 8 seats. 2 were taken by James and I, one was taken by an old lady who I will talk about in a minute, and the rest were taken us by completely wasted men on the end of a stag weekend. It was an interesting journey home!

One of the men, perhaps the most drunk, was hilarious. He spent about 2 whole minutes staring at James before slowly raising his hand up and saying "... you're... blue!" Yes, yes he is.

Before I bore you completely to death with this pointless blog I want to tell you about the old lady. She was on her way home from a holiday and she talked NON-STOP. Her topics of conversation including: how excited she is about the Royal Wedding and is going to watch it in London, how she doesn't think the Royal family should exist (go figure), and lastly how the U.S. should stay out of the Middle East. I gave James a "It isn't worth getting into it" look.

It was rather interesting, very exhausting and a great end to a great weekend.

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