Tuesday, 31 May 2011

52: 20 A year older

Clearly I am a bit behind in blog writing, but, determined as I am to produce a full 52 blogs this year, here I am back in the game. There are actually quite a few things to talk about that have happened but I think today I will talk about my birthday, which was last week.

I am officially quarter of a century old and I have to say... it is pretty much the same as 24. But although I didn't feel a change as the hand struck midnight I do feel a year older. When I was 24 I was more confident and more happy than ever before, thanks mainly to my wondrous James.

A year of adding to that however and here I am, little Ms. 25, taking on opportunities and ventures that, at one time at least, I thought I never would. It is hard but this year has been a great learning curve for me in my career, my friendships, my marriage and my passions.

This year I have allowed myself a little personal present of my own; pride in who I am, and the choices I make. A quarter of a century may seem like a long time, but boy has it gone by fast.

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