Thursday, 2 June 2011

52: 21 Life as a commuter

The story of my life as a commuter starts a couple of weeks ago when I got a text saying "I'd like to discuss a job opportunity with you if you're interested" from a colleague at a organisation involved with my own. I said "Sure", and so he offered me the opportunity to work for them as Marketing and Communications Coordinator.I have always worked part-time but lately have been keen, for reasons related to finances and my future career, to take on additional hours. As I am sure you can probably guess I said "Yes please!"

So now I am, by first half of the week, Helen the Communications Officer in Suffolk, and by second half of the week I am Helen the Mar/Comms Coordinator in Norfolk.

For those of you living outside the UK hopefully this picture will help you visualize a little better! I work in Ipswich Mon and Tue, Norwich Thur and Fri, and alternate Wed.

So my life as a commuter started yesterday on my first day at the new organisation. The day went something like this: Taxi > Train > Lift in car* > Work > Bus > Bus > Train > Lift in car**. *Somedays this will be 'Bus > Bus'
**Somedays this will be replaced by 'Bus' or 'Taxi'

You think that this would feel like a long old slog but actually, and maybe I am just saying this because I have only one it twice (!), but I kind of enjoyed it. One thing I don't often make time for is just focusing on reading and I really miss it... but my 45 minute train ride allows me to find time. So far I have found the train ride rather relaxing, a little wind-down period if you like.

Luckily my commuter train is nothing like the one in India from the picture up above! My train is actually quite quiet thank goodness.

The taxi I get from home to the train station. I could get a bus but considering how unreliable morning traffic can be I would have to get a really early on to be on the safe side. Taxis of course, are more direct... with the exception of this morning, though I can hardly blame the driver. You see, intelligent as I am, I may possibly have left my train tickets on the dresser at home. I may possibly have shouted "FUCK!" in the taxi and then sheepishly asked him to turn around. Possibly... maybe... yeah, that happened.

I really don't mind buses. I can't read because it makes me sick, but I think I put on my philanthropist hat when on the bus. I people-watch and appreciate the nuances in human life. It is much harder however to work out buses than trains. My tactic is simply standing at the bus stop till something comes along and assuming it goes through the city centre. There is then an additional bus that goes to the train station (because including it on other bus routes is apparently not what they do in Norwich. Shrug.)

All in all I am pretty enthusiastic about commuting so far (by public transport and lifts anyway - driving is a whole other ball game). But then again my life as a commuter has lasted exactly two days and both days I left early for various reasons. I know I wouldn;t want to commute long term, but while I am still young and fit (hahahaha, fit... good one) it isn't so bad when your career is the reward.

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