Thursday, 29 December 2011

52:35 Christmas Day 2011

So in my last blog I told you what we usually do on Christmas Day. And here is what actually happened! (I have built that up... it sounds like something dramatic happened but really... it was pretty average. Isn't life awesome when the average is Christmas Day!)
  • Wake up at a much debated yet finally agreed time of about 7:30am
    • Actually James and I woke up at 5:30am because he had a coughing fit. It just isn't the same when you aren't 7 years old anymore.
  • Gather in my parents room while mum or dad makes a cup of tea for everyone
    • It was mum's turn this year.  We also went to get my nephew William up. He is adorable.
  • Open the presents in our Santa sacks while still in our pajamas
  • Get washed and dressed in smart clothes and go down to have breakfast
    • Breakfast used to always be Pain au Chocolat but we tend to have bacon and egg sandwiches now.
  • Small break to get drinks before starting on the presents
    • We usually start on the beers and Baileys around this time...
  • Open presents one person at a time with small breaks for drinks fetching and dinner preparation
  • Have dinner at about 2pm
    • We had a Marks and Spencers Christmas Dinner this year. Less stress but still delicious. Mum still made the traditional prunes and mushrooms wrapped in bacon. Mmmm-mmm.
  • Feel stuffed / wash up
  • Continue opening presents
    • We tend to take the entire day. Probably because we have a very cute nephew who people like to buy numerous gifts for but also because we chat, write down presents and pause to refresh our beverages every few minutes.
  • Have nap / play games 
    • I had a nap. I felt bad because my nan had just come round!
  • Have small tea of leftovers
  • Play games / watch television
    • Our friend Kim joined us to play hotheads, then James and I watched Doctor Who!

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