Thursday, 29 December 2011

52:34 The Christmas Day schedule

I love Christmas Day... I may have mentioned this before. Christmas Day is my favourite day of the year because the whole world seems to disappear and for a few hours no one else exists except you and the people you care about most. Maybe I sound like a big sap... but it is probably because I am.

Anyway, I always love hearing about other people's Christmas Days as everyone has their own little traditions. Here is my Christmas Day schedule:
  • Wake up at a much debated yet finally agreed time of about 7:30am
  • Gather in my parents room while mum or dad makes a cup of tea for everyone
  • Open the presents in our Santa sacks while still in our pajamas
  • Get washed and dressed in smart clothes and go down to have breakfast
  • Small break to get drinks before starting on the presents
  • Open presents one person at a time with small breaks for drinks fetching and dinner preparation
  • Have dinner at about 2pm
  • Feel stuffed / wash up
  • Continue opening presents
  • Have nap / play games 
  • Have small tea of leftovers
  • Play games / watch television

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