Friday, 30 December 2011

52:39 Live blogging

So today I am going to try live blogging, which I know isn't a term I invented but I am not sure exactly what it means so am bastardising it for my own convenience. Basically, as I have to write 14 blogs in two days, I am going to simply keep my blogger screen open all day... minus when I go to the cinema with my mum as the iMac is a big on the large side to take... and just blog about my day; what comes up, what I am thinking about, how much my cat is irritating me, how I wish I hadn't left this until the last minute, etc etc.

This is kind of cheating as I will be continuing to post short, unedited ramblings that don't really constitute what I think a blog should be - but then again other people class Tumblr as a blogging site so what do I know?

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