Thursday, 29 December 2011

52:38 A lucky escape

As you know from my last blog, James and I went to London on December 27. We did what we often do which is drive to Newbury Park underground station, park the car and then tube into central London. This would have been great if they hadn't closed half the car park. Oops.

After driving around for a few minutes to no avail we decided to be a bit sneaky and move some cones over lslightly. We just managed to squeeze in the end and just hoped no one noticed that our car is a metre from where it should be... on the wrong side.

I was scared all day about getting clamped. When we got back to the car (which only cost £1 for the whole day I might add) it dawned as we slowly walked towards our spot that... unsurprisingl, the cones and tape had been moved back to their original position. Meaning that our car was sitting all by its lonesome on the other side of the line.

Thankfully it wasn't clamped - really it would have been unfair it it had been as the markings were NOT clear. But still... we didn't stick around.

Moral of the story: check travel and parking details before you leave on your journey.

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