Saturday, 31 December 2011

52:48 Kim and Ross

As you know, yesterday I posted a blog about having writer's block. After this my friend Kim text me lots of ideas to write about including "Write about your favourite people cough us cough". And so that is what I am going to do... write about my wonderful friends Kim and Ross.

Kim I have been friends with for 11 years. She is a tall, excitable German whose years living in England has giving her an adorable half German/half British accent. My favourite is when she says 'bloody' because she has no idea how cute she sounds. Kim is my best friend and one of my two bridesmaids at my wedding. This is because she has helped me through a lot of tough times when not many people were around. And despite living far away from me in Brighton she is consistently there for me as a non-judgemental, understanding friend.

Ross I have known for about 2 and a half years but it feels like much more. He is a puffy-haired Brightonian whose love for all things geekery meant it was an easy match with Kim, and, of course, us! Ross' excitement in nerdy endeavors has led James and I to attend our first comic-con and me my first IMAX film! Ross is groomsman at our wedding and is already discussing stag-dos with the best man. He is a wonderful friend and although I have only known him for a short time he is one of my closest friends whom I trust with my life.

So there is that sappy bullshit.

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