Saturday, 31 December 2011

52:49 Being SMART

This is going to sound ridiculously boring of me... but I am using SMART objectives to plan my New Year's resolutions. Stick with me here!

First off, if you don't know SMART objectives they are used for business planning processes. I use them when i write communications plan... I haven't managed to get to the stage of perfect evaluation yet but hey, perhaps that can be a resolution. Anyway a SMART objectives is a goal that is: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-relevant.

So for me I guess all my resolutions will be to complete within a year so that is 'time-relevant' crossed off. Measurable is important because that is how you know you've completed your goal and - along with specific - how successfully. So for example I set myself a goal to write 52 blogs however I didn't specify what length or quality... meaning you have ended up with a gazillion mediocre blogs in the space of a few days. 

Achievable and realistic are also important for me. No point in challenging myself to write 365 blogs because, interesting though that would be, considering my failure this year I don't think it is entirely realistic! 52 blogs, while I struggled, was at least achievable! 

I am still formulating my resolutions, so perhaps they will be my last post. but hopefully they will be more sensible than in previous years!

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