Saturday, 31 December 2011

52:50 Highlights of the year

  • Seeing Wizard of Oz in the West End (minus the Dorothy that we wanted unfortunately - who said the main star is allowed a day off?)
  • Seeing the final Harry Potter film at a midnight showing
  • Going to KAPOW Comic Con with kim and Ross, including James speaking to Chris Hemsworth and us all cosplaying on day 2
  • Going to Disneyland Paris with Kim and Ross (we have lots of good times with them) and queue jumping with Kim's work pass!
  • Watching our wonderful nephew grow and become amazingly smart. He is walking, feeding himself, interacting, learning... and he is freaking adorable
  • Starting to plan our wedding together
  • Seeing my first IMAX film
  • Going to full time at work and commuting between two locations
  • Renting our first flat together and adopting our cat Athena!
  • Getting my first tattoo
  • Getting my first tattoo further inked
  • Getting my engagement ring

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