Sunday, 26 February 2012

27 Feb - Weaslaphobia aka, getting my hair did PART TWO

Read PART ONE first by clicking here.

So in part one I have told you about my two most vivid memories that have contributed to my mild form of weaslaphobia. However I have another reason for not liking most hairdressers, and I warn you that this may get slightly ranty.

While looking at salons to see where I should get my latest haircut I picked the one I did for a very specific reason. The pictures on the website, and indeed on their Facebook page, were of real people, with real haircuts.

Endless websites I visited with pictures of models with hair that no one in their right mind would walk in and ask for. And no offence to the stylists but I doubt the regular stylist in Ipswich hasn't got much experience with top fashion session styling.

I looked through website after website with pictures of women with orange hair in the shape of an arrow, or a fringe that comes down to the nostrils, or an up-do so heavily styled that I would be taking out pins for the rest of my life. Funnily enough, when i go to the hairdressers... I kind of just want a plain ol' haircut.

I am quite able to make my hair look stupid by myself at home with a bottle of hair dye, a few hundred bobby pins and style tips from The Tribe.

Damnit... now I want to buy the entire boxset of The tribe and watch it all.

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