Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Christmas Prezzies 2012!!

James got me a few things all of which were utterly amazing.  And he is a very naughty boy for spending way too much... but I love him for it:

- An absolutely stunning set of silver jewelry from a designers called Magnolia. He got earrings, bracelet and a pendant. They are all silver, no stones, and have a silver hollow 'beads' design.

- A new digital camera, which he mainly got because he hates mine! It is a Panasonic Lumix with 10x optical zoom. he also got a memory card and a leather case. I intend to keep this on me as much as possible so I can take pictures of everyday things that inspire me.

- A Back to the Future Lexicon reference book, which is full of facts and little-known canon about the films, comic books, games and animated series. It even includes TV commercials that feature Back to the Future characters. It is awesome! I wish I had it when I wrote my Back to the Future dissertation at Uni.

- A CD called Now That's What I Call Musicals. It is mainly songs from Broadway and West End productions but there are a few films. I love it :)

Here is a run down of he rest of my presents from friends and family in no particular order:

- A digital radio. Very happy about this. We listen to the radio a lot now as the car doesn't have a CD player. So now I am looking forward to a radio at home as well. We have it in the kitchen so I can listen while I cook. Plush it is lime green. Hellz yeah.

- An American themed A4 size tapestry framed from my aunt and uncle. I suspect my aunt sewed it herself.

-  Set of 4 cookbooks from my nana. I have made 2 meals from them so far but have another 5 planned for this week.

- Cheese baker - so we can have yummy melty brie with bread. Mmmm.

- Owl shaped candles

- Purple scarf (I do like my purple)

- Homemade biscuits from my friend Lanny. Yum.

- Star Trek Scene It - so excited to play this. Also scared because I haven't watched any Star Trek in ages - I need to brush up first!

- Xmas decoration

- Spice box... it smells so goooooood

- Napkins

- Chopping board and pizza cutter (lots of foody/home type presents this year)

- Some of my mum's first printed cards (Orwell Cards on Etsy)

- Crochet book. It is a little Q&A book with helpful tips and advice. Very useful!!

- Lavendar handwash and lotion.

- Family Fortunes mini game. Eh-Erhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

- Giraffe ornaments that fit together from my aunt Sue. Giraffe's is our thing if you don't know!

- £40 from my other nana.... well £20 for me and £20 for James :) I have spent most of mine on two new handbags in the sales.

- Scarf, gloves and mittens set. They are lush. Black and multicolour! The hat is like a berret. I look so hipster.

- Fluffy scarf for when I go out all posh like. Innit.

That is the lot :)

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