Monday, 21 November 2011

52: 29 My ring, my muse

I guess that me writing this blog kind of answers the question I posed yesterday. I have indeed decided to go for it; 23 blogs in the next 5 weeks. Easy peasy. In fact I thought I would struggle for something to write but, as luck would have it, inspiration arrived today... in the form of a ring.

To cut a long story short when my husband proposed back in July 2010 we couldn't afford a ring. In fact he proposed while we were on holiday at the end of Santa Monica Pier. And let me tell you that travelling over 5000 miles ain't cheap, especially when you then rent a car to drive from mid-Oregon to Los Angeles (which was over 800 miles including a stop in San Fransciscoto take a very foggy, miserable picture of the Golden Gate Bridge.)

Anyway, I have got off track... As we couldn't afford a proper engagement ring, James bought me a $30 Mickey Mouse ring from Disneyland that we visited the day before. I have to say that it has lasted a surprisingly long time considering it is made of what I can only assume to be some kind of plastic and cheap metal.

As I am now planning my wedding - because who doesn't plan a wedding for two years after they actually tie the knot? - we budgeted in an actual engagement ring. And so sitting on my finger right now is a beautiful white gold ring with a black diamond in the middle and three diamonds each side. It is dainty and beautiful. It is understated and everything I wanted in a ring. I absolutely adore it.

Funny story though, I have been eagerly awaiting my ring to arrive only to realise it has been sitting in a package in our flat for over a week. La la la.

Hugs galore.

By the way, what do people think of my new blog design?

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