Saturday, 3 December 2011

52: 30 Is Christmas just for children?

There is a Christmas song that I really love called 'Christmas is for Children'. I think Glenn Campbell sang it... or one of those other old time crooners that make you melt. The song says that 'Christmas is for children, but aren't we all children (on) Christmas Day?" I love this because it is how my parents brought my sister and I up to think of Christmas... and it is something that I will believe for as long as I live.

Today, James and I decorated our Christmas tree. Those of you know me will know that I am a complete Xmas slut. I can't get enough of carols, I can't get tired of tinsel and decorations, I won't ever tire of wrapping presents... and it still amazes me every year how this one day, that we put a stupid amount of time, money and energy into... is actually worth it.

Most people also know that i am not religious. Some people may call it hypocritical to not be a Christian yet still celebrate Christmas, and they are probably right, but I think the holidays means something different for everyone. For me it means family, love and generosity. Okay... I guess greed too... but generosity is a much better way of thinking it. Remember kids, our favourite thing is giving presents, not receiving them (no matter what we feel inside).

This is my first Christmas in my own flat. We won't actually be here on Christmas Day (we will be with the family) but it is the first time I have had my own place to decorate. Of course my sister and I still decorate my parents' house... and sure we still have our own separate tree at my parents' house for our kiddy decorations despite being 28 and 25. But it is nice to have a Christmas tree that is is mine and James'. Our first tree that is just... ours.

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