Wednesday, 28 December 2011

52: 32 Facebook frustration (from weeks ago)

This is a blog I wrote originally on 7 December. I managed to post it to our He Said She Said blogspot because I am a twit. I don't even know how I resolved this (although I did manage to) but hey... can't let a good rant go to waste... especially not when I am super blogging like a maniac.

Most people get frustrated with Facebook and how it seems to have come to rule our everyday lives. While I wouldn't say I am an extreme Facebook loyalist, I would say that I actually quite appreciate the website. It is an excellent tool for keeping in touch with friends and family, and a great way to share photos in an age where loved ones seem to be more and more spread apart.

So, why am I frustrated?

Well, I try and humour the ridiculous hype people place around the security on Facebook. Sure, I feel bad for the vulnerable people who are preyed on but this is a minority. The public just loves a moral panic and online personal security is the hot potato of the era.

Going along with my humouring of Facebook's security features I entered my mobile hone number about a year ago into the security checker system. Since then I bought a new phone (a Galaxy S2, which, by the way, is awesome) and, seeing as Facebook never do random security checks, I forgot to update the number.

This was all fine until today when Facebook have made the decision that everyone should be security checked. Fuck. How do I get the code texted to a SIM I don't even have anymore?

Well it turns out there is a nifty feature where you can simply tag friends in photos where Facebook already knows who they are. This is a fantastic security feature and encourages you to only be friends with people who are... y'know... friends!

Of course this would be even better if Facebook didn't default to the mobile phone code every time.

As it stands I currently have no access to my Facebook account - it could very well be deleted - and I am waiting for the Facebook team to email me instructions what to do.

The saga continues...

Or you know... it doesn't.

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